Central Heating Repairs

Sunscreens are one of the most affordable window-shade options available. Sunscreens actually protect your windows, while preserving visibility looking out from the inside of your Texas home. The sunscreen material that is stretched-out along custom built aluminum window screen frames, thus offering an extra layer of heat protection, similar to a barrier, only that they let enough light in, while keeping the heat away from your window.

Our higher quality fabric sunscreens, actually absorb and block up to 90% of the solar energy generated by direct sunlight, throughout the day. Blocking 90% of the radiant heat before it can be absorbed into your home, is what set quality window sunscreens apart from cheaper imitations. Once installed, the majority of the solar heat that normally is absorbed through your windows, will be reflected back to the outside environment, instead of heating the interior of your home. Proper sunscreen installation ensures that your home is protected and that the exterior of your ho9me is more energy efficient. In the Rio Grande Valley, energy efficient widows are simply not enough.

With outdoor temperatures reaching over the 100’s at times, it is no wonder why may valley residents and homeowners are feeling the heat…so to speak. The benefit of installing sunscreens is they are 10 times more effective at reducing the absorption of heat energy right through the insulated-glass windows of your home.

Sunlight is converted into solar radiation, or a greenhouse effect. Once the energy it trapped inside your home it is absorbed into the walls, furniture, etc….and is converted into heat that cannot escape through closed windows. Regular insulated glass windows allow a whopping 85% of the solar energy (radiation) to pass through the glass, which is then converted into heat inside your home. This trapped heat can lnly be released when windows are opened during a time when the outside ambient temperature is lower than the temperature inside your home.


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